Liver Cancer All the Rage in Korean Entertainment



The Korean wave is crashing onto the shores of foreign markets this year, and guess what’s washing up? Liver cancer. And lot’s of it. In the morbid, hospital-obsessed world of Korean soap operas, terminal illnesses have long been a plot device to drive the emotional content of the shows. And this season, audiences can’t get seem to get enough liver cancer. It has been making appearances in all the hit shows, from ‘Condition Romantic’ to ‘My Malignant Valentine.’

Korean media analyst Lee Hyanghee notes, “Last year it was it was all about blood diseases, and the year before it was smoke inhalation. Korean actresses would take classes to practice their coughing. But this year is all about the liver cancer. It’s like the little black dress of terminal diseases – sexy, sophisticated, and with a hint of danger.”


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