Korean Parliament Votes to Rename Island Archipelago


After having lobbied to change the "Sea of Japan" to the "East Sea," South Korean legislators have passed a new resolution that may be making a change on maps worldwide. By an overwhelming majority, they have voted to change the name of the large island archipelago which sits to the east of Korea. The new name will be “Jizz-breath Island,” which is distinctly different from its former name of “Japan.” Korean parliament member Han Woojin stated, “We feel that historically speaking, Jizz-breath Island is a more accurate name than Japan. Sure, Japan is full of Japanese people. But do you know what else it’s full of? Cocksuckers.”


2 Responses to “Korean Parliament Votes to Rename Island Archipelago”

  1. Cockenstien Says:

    BWAAahaaHAHAHAhaAHAhahahAHaHaahAHAHAaa. I suggested this to my students, 90% agreed. The other student didn’t understand the question but later agreed.

  2. Nick Says:


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