New(ish) Korean Album to Debut in America


Having conquered such hot pop markets as Outer Mongolia and Guangxi Autonomous Region in China, Korean record producers have set their sights on America, and plan to release a compilation of K-pop's hottest current singles. "This album has been specially tailored to the American market," says Noh Changyoung of Emulation records. "Current Korean pop being what it is, we have decided to aim for a niche market of consumers who are nostalgic for the pop songs of 3 or 4 years ago." Taking a cue from the American pop compilation series "Now That's What I Call Music," the Korean version will be titled "Now That's What I Called Music" and will feature all of Korea's top acts today. Because the Korean producers are determined to catch up with their American counterparts, the first album in the series will be part 3. Says Noh, "The American music market is going to be Livin' La Vida Loca again, but this time, Korean style."

6 Responses to “New(ish) Korean Album to Debut in America”

  1. Aaron Vehling Says:

    I also live in Korea and find this all too true. In McDonald’s the other day I heard a song which ripped off very recognizable elements of Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang.” The even sang the same chorus, including all “niggas” and “fucks.”

  2. swissjames Says:

    why you be hating on Corea? MAyB *thoze* peeps be ripin the azn sTYLE!?

    Peaseout ~~-

  3. dudeinwales Says:

    Yo! What’s up mah nigga! AzN pRiDe ZMOG!~~ ^^


    Seriously, why do some Kyopos feel the need to type in mixed upper and lower caps? And talk/type like black people?

  4. snowmon Says:

    This blog is going down obviously, fewer people are reading it crowded with negative posts.

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