Area Man’s Life Remains Un-Bravoed.



Lee Husuk, a 57 year old janitor for Sookmyung Women's University, takes a drag from his cigarette and stares wistfully into the distance. "Will anyone out there ever bravo my life? After all the lives that I've bravoed, is this all I get?" he asks. Like many lonely souls in the vast, anonymous metropolis that is Seoul, Lee searches for recognition and acceptance. "I try to put on an everyday new face. But it's hard to meet friends. I ask myself, 'Are you gentle?' and I think that I am gentle. I'm gentle, damnit! But people can't see the real me." Lee feels that perhaps his profession has led to this life-long lack of bravoing. "I didn't want to grow up and be a janitor. I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. I wanted to be the reds. But now I be the blues. There was a time when I had a lot of friends. My phone used to get 10 or 20 digital exciting calls a day. Now, I'm lucky if I get digital exciting anycalls at all."


5 Responses to “Area Man’s Life Remains Un-Bravoed.”

  1. stat Says:

    Looking on the bright side, he might go and study at the Pagoda Institute. Then he can do.

  2. Jaderedux Says:

    He should just try to “have a good time” then someone would “bravo” him.

  3. Cockenstien Says:

    I think he needs to Follow his H and wake up every morning saying “HI SEOUL”. Then he can be bravoed. Or perhaps find some other Reds cos these days they go together.

  4. journey Says:

    nice post

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