English Riding Camps To Open Soon


New English riding camps will be opening soon throughout Korea, giving Koreans of all ages a chance to ride around on the backs of native English speakers. These camps will be different from normal English camps where Korean campers spend time with English-speaking camp counselors in an all-English environment. In the new camps, the camp counselors will be wearing saddles so that the campers can actually ride around on top of them. In addition, the campers will be given the opportunity to feed the native speakers cheese, stroke their big noses, and pet their curly hair. Kim Dongho, a mid-level manager at Samsung, plans to send his 8 year old daughter Youngju for a 1 week session. "This will be a good opportunity. I've ridden the white horse a few times at the room salon, but my daughter has never seen one up close." Little Youngju is ecstatic. "I can't wait! I wanna ride the biggest, hairiest one!"

One Response to “English Riding Camps To Open Soon”

  1. Jaderedux Says:

    Okay that is just too funny. LOL. And being a “white horse” I can say that. Way to go.
    Bravo your life!

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