Yangpa Quiz



Read the quotes below and decide which come from Kim Jong Il's propaganda machine and which come from Cobra Commander, feared leader of the secret terrorist organization Cobra and arch-foe to G.I. Joe!

1. We will blast the entirety of your land off the face of the earth withpowerful attack capabilities beyond anything the world can imagine — a frightful attack beyond anything ever seen or heard!

2. Your time is up! Now, you and your nation will pay for your arrogant refusal to obey me.

3. Citizens of the world: we have a power greater than any in the history of mankind. Look and tremble!

4. We will never miss the chance but certainly make them pay for the blood and turn the stronghold of the enemy into a sea of fire!

5. If we lose, I will destroy the world!

6. You have no hope of resisting our might. We control a new power, the raw strength of nature itself, against which there is no defense. Watch, watch as I unleash the sea and sky to do my bidding!

7. No! Not the spores! No! NOOOOOO!

 Find the answers here

One Response to “Yangpa Quiz”

  1. Mithridates Says:

    Hm, looks like an opportune time to submit this to a site like Reddit since both of them are in the news now.

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