PDA User Finds Himself In Manchuria


Seoul-area businessman Lee Changho was riding the subway late wednesday evening when he began to write a lengthy email to one of his colleagues using his PDA. When he next looked up from his email, he found himself in unfamiliar territory. "I guess I wasn't paying attention. I was just looking down and walking aimlessly," he said. It turns out that the unfamiliar territory was deep in the Manchurian wilderness, hundreds of miles from from his home in Seoul. What was even more startling was that he was wearing a North Korean prison camp uniform and his back was criss-crossed with bayonet wounds. "I was really focused on that email," Mr. Lee said with a shrug. When asked if his incident was indicative of a larger lack concientiousness in Korean society caused by modern digital technology, Mr. Lee responded by saying, "What? Hold on. I just have to add a few more squiggles at the end of this text message."


One Response to “PDA User Finds Himself In Manchuria”

  1. Free World Says:

    I just laughed so hard that shin ramen came out of my nose.

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