Black Race Inducts New Member


worlds blackest man.jpg

Busan resident Choi Eunseok was officially inducted as the newest member of the black race in a ceremony which took place last Wednesday night. The induction was peformed by Randall Winston, the president of the Secret Global Order of Black People, the organization which oversees black membership and is also responsible for coming up with words like 'bougie' and 'twerk' and then keeping them secret from white people for as long as possible.

Says Winston, "Our membership is pretty low in Korea so I figured we should take in some new people. I mean, you could already mistake him for a black person, maybe, if you were kinda far away, and it was dark, and you had some kind of eye infection." Choi said that he was very pleased with his induction and was excited to meet a black person for the first time. "I was very nervous when he shook my hand. I was afraid I'd do it wrong." Choi also said that he was puzzled by the presence of a black man who was not accompanied by back-up dancers.


16 Responses to “Black Race Inducts New Member”

  1. Cockenstien Says:

    This site owns so hard. So many nails hit RIGHT on the head.

  2. Billy B. Robertson Says:

    Thank you for the compliments. You are a truly a man of superior tastes, Mr. Cockenstien.

  3. khyber Says:


  4. PO'dkyopo Says:

    Stop being a Corea hata! Koreans r not trying 2 B black. Its just being urban, u know, the streets. Get with it, hip hop is color blind anyways, you fucking cracker. Bsides, we Azians have our own distinctive flavah. How U know blacks don’t copy us?

  5. Jacko Says:

    How do we know?
    When was the last time you saw a black entertainer wearing Korean hip hop clothes?

    Does Michael Jackson imitate Korean dancers? Or is it the other way around?

  6. skids Says:


  7. swissjames Says:

    a Manchester United top on him as well. Tut tut.

  8. Price is Right Says:

    How is rapping and wearing “hiphop” clothing considered acting black? So if you see a Korean rocker then I guess they would be acting white?

  9. a fucking cracker Says:

    “hip hop is color blind anyways, you fucking cracker”

    beautiful irony in one short sentence

  10. alsogyopo Says:

    I went to elementary school in Atlanta which means it was 80% black. There are a lot of things that people imitate from black culture which they don’t understand anything about. Koreans as well. I mean, why the hell do Koreans wear braids and dreads? Are they “for the cause”? And black people wear a stalking or a black doo rag on their head when they go to sleep as the texture of their hair is difficult to deal with the next morning after sleeping. Why do Koreans wear doo rags under their hats? I mean, I’m Korean-blooded too but some of the shit that Korean rappers do makes no sense to me. Be yourself man!

  11. jay Says:

    you is a bum negga

  12. sean Says:

    an incident in itaewon…

    young hiphop-thread wearing dudes buying caps. my buddy is hungover and they’re in his way. they notice we’re looking at their ridiculousness and one steps up and says “hip hop STYLE, YO.”

    my hungover buddy says “hip hop hallowe’en, yo”

    two african american soldiers walking by go “OOOOOOOHHHH SHIIIT! and bust out laughing.

  13. Jake Says:

    This is great, bookmarked, thanks!

  14. dreads Says:



  15. Colton Says:

    well korean is a piece of shit country filled with ugly old people and a younger disrespectful generation that wouldnt be able to be “kiggers” or “gukstas” if it werent for the americans.

  16. colton Says:

    well lets see PO’dkyopo koreans were poor and then they got normal clothes and then worked in to the suits then they started acting gangster. Black were poor normal then gangster before the koreans so yeah im prety sure blacks arent copying koreans. and where have u been lemme guess onyl korea and california lets see cali is almost as much of a piece of crap as korea so u havent really had a real taste of america have you how bout u go to wisconsin where the real heart of america is in other words the country no huge polluting piece of crap cities.

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