Popular Actress Formerly A Rock



Photos circulating on the internet have revealed that actress Kim Jeongeun, before she had extensive plastic surgery, was actually a large hunk of granite. 'Before and After' photos of celebrities who have had comestic surgery are common on South Korean websites, but few photos are as drastic as those of Ms. Kim. "I'm pretty shocked," said netizen Park Jinu, "I know that a lot of celebrities have surgery. But I'm still not sure how they turned an inanimate object into an actress." Ms. Lee's publicist confirmed that the photos are in fact accurate. "It is true that before she started her acting career, Kim Jeongeun was a 50 kilo piece of granite found near Paektu-san Mountain." Although her official biography states her age as being 30,  Ms. Lee was actually formed millions of years ago by the slow cooling of an underground magma chamber.  She then rose to prominence through a combination of charm, pluck, and the tectonic motion of the North American and Pacific plates.

6 Responses to “Popular Actress Formerly A Rock”

  1. Mith Says:

    This is the best one yet.

  2. Brian Says:

    I would’ve pegged her as a former horse… that face of hers…

  3. scott Says:

    I liked her better before she sold out. She’s gone soft.

  4. Billy B. Robertson Says:

    According to our science advisor, granite actually rates between 6 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

  5. 권자 Says:

    Rather it be whinstone.

  6. G Says:

    SO when are we gonna see the after shots??? har har

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