Completely Broken DVD Player Quite a Bargain


Barry Thorpe, a 31-year-old high school English teacher in Seoul, has a nose for bargains, and last Thursday he found one. "I was walking through Yongsan Electronics Market," he recalls, "and I saw a DVD player for 30,000 won! Can you believe it?" Thorpe purchased the DVD player, but when he tried to use it he found that it didn't work at all. "Yep. Totally broken. Didn't even turn on. But, hey, it was so cheap!"

Despite its complete lack of functionality, Thorpe feels proud about his purchase. "Sure, it doesn't work, but c'mon, 30 grand! That's a bargain! You can't even find a broken VCR for 30 grand!" The mistake comes as no surprise for his friends. Fellow English teacher Jim Duncan recalls, "This is like the time he bought the MRI machine at Namdaemun. The thing almost fried his brain. I told him he shouldn't try to buy sophisticated medical equipment at an outdoor market, but, hey, that's Barry." Pictures of the DVD player will soon be on Thorpe's blog.

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