Samsung Unveils New Handphone Features


As the competition rolls out handphones with Calorie Counters, Body Mass Index Calculators and other lifestyle tools, Samsung strives to address the deeper needs of today's modern neurotic young woman.

Proposed Accessories of the new Femnatronic phone include…

-Suicide/Grief Counselling
-Revenge Planner
-"Married Yet?" Countdown to Age 30
-"Hot Or Not?" Assessment Tool
-"He's Just Not That Into You"(tm) Scanner and Alert

7 Responses to “Samsung Unveils New Handphone Features”

  1. swissjames Says:

    the countdown to 30 is golden

  2. nospam Says:

    Blogspher’s satire at its finest………..

  3. gyopa Says:

    And when do these products hit the states? I want to preorder!

  4. Scott Says:

    As a single guy of 30, I need that feature on my phone too especially in Korea!

  5. Body mass index Says:

    Its essential
    Check out this introduction article on Body_mass_index:
    1.BMI formula
    5.Guidelines for health

  6. Iceberg Says:

    The needs of the modern woman were met from the time of the first vibrating phone.

  7. Booby Says:

    Great Information, keep up
    greetings from

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