What Do You Think?


Koreans Build Robot

The Korea Institute for Industrial Technology has created a humanoid robot that resembles a young woman and is capable of expressing happiness, anger, sadness, and pleasure. (story here) What do you think?

Kim Jinhoo
"Heck, I'd like to replace my girlfriend with that robot. But then again, I'm dating an old Teddy Ruxpin."

Kim Youngwon
"Isn't the whole point of building a sexbot to avoid the expression of emotion?"
Lee Minjoo
"If they want to learn about the folly of building sentient robots, they should watch a little movie called Harry Potter — while being hacked to death by sentient robots."

Hines Ward's Chopsticks Enshrined

After Hines Ward dined on galbi (marinated short ribs) at the Lotte Hotel restaurant, his chopsticks were saved and put into a display case for public viewing. (story here) What do you think?

Ed Crudder
"Display case? I thought you were supposed to smash the glass and use the chopsticks in case of emergency deliciousness."

Kim Jinhee
"Oh sure, and the spoon I used to serve myself 18 bowls of rice liquor goes unrecognized."
Lee Hyejin
"The chopstick skills came from his mother's side, but when he ordered ribs, that was from his father."

6 Responses to “What Do You Think?”

  1. vonjackass Says:

    You, sir, are a genius. Funniest thing I have read in a while.

  2. Dear Editor Billy B. Robertson Says:

    Give my regards to the rest of the Vonjackass family

  3. JW Says:

    Was really hoping you’d use a photo of an inflatable sex doll with a headline about Korea also developing the third robot. Lot’s of possibilities there. Oh well, maybe next time.

  4. White Tommy Says:

    “The chopstick skills came from his mother’s side, but when he ordered ribs, that was from his father.”

    Sir, that was a bit racist and the rest of it was utterly and despicably funny as hell. I have not stopped laughing for about 10 minutes!

    Keep it up.

  5. Swiss James Says:

    I’m with Tommy, that last joke would have been far funnier without the punchline.

  6. White Tommy Says:

    I was misunderstood!
    It was a friggin masterpiece of journalism. That needed to be said. The way the media covered him so suddenly (although a good thing) was nauseating to say the least.

    It was racist but anyone with a sense of humor would laugh. If not, they should have a coke and a smile and piss off.

    The Yangpa rules!

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