Coporate Mascot Felled By Own Product


Slappy the Soju Bottle lies incapacitated on a public bench. He was earlier seen drunkenly carousing with Minnie Mouse.

9 Responses to “Coporate Mascot Felled By Own Product”

  1. Travolta Says:

    Those bottles piss me off. They dance around like idiots in crowded public areas disrupting the flow of people and they play music which is quite possibly aimed at children. They’re cunts the lot of them.

  2. Swiss James Says:

    How people can walk around like that and avoid an Ajossi gang-rape is beyond me.

  3. Surabaya Johnny Says:

    You mean other people can see those bottles too? I thought I was seeing them due to my “person problems” – a-hem.

  4. boring Says:

    not funny.

  5. verve Says:

    I really like your site…

    i hope you don’t mind i ripped off the soju pic…

    have a nice day!


  6. Public Bob Says:

    Man every time i see that shit i wanna just own those bastards. They totally do play music for kids and they dance around making it look like soju is all about happiness and kindness and like it’s a fucking game. Well it’s not. Just like that soju ad on TV i saw recently, this woman drinks soju and starts singing and everyone goes into happy mode and has a great time. Of course they cut off the ending where she is raped by the drunken ajoshis and molested and shit while she spews into the toilet of the norae bang at 5:30 am while her child is alone at home wondering where her lush of a mother is.

  7. Dear Editor Billy B. Robertson Says:

    But in all fairness, advertising time is expensive and that scene takes up about 20 minutes.

  8. ::A Geek in Korea:: » Blog Archive » The Yangpa Says:

    […] Regardless of the parent material, The Yangpa is still running in virgin territory. I haven’t read humorous articles about Korean style news and pop culture this funny ever. Part of the reason that this sort of humor, to me, works so well is that a lot of the Koreans I know don’t have an ironic bone in their body. Their humor is gag laden and occasionally absurd, but heavy use of irony to undercut their point isn’t something I’ve been able to detect with my Korean language skills at the moment. I’m sure it exists, but it isn’t mainstream. (Perhaps North Korean propaganda counts?) […]

  9. Miyzu Says:

    How Do Those Bottles really exist? I wanna see 1 for myself

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