Low-Rated Drama Ceremoniously Dropped From MBC


"Love Story in Darfur", the story of a young woman who overcomes scurvy to fulfill her lifelong dream of marrying rich, was given an eleborate ceremony yesterday as it was retired from MBC's nightly lineup. After a 21 gun salute and a crash-free flyover by the Korean air force, stagehands and extras were lowered into an elaborate underground tomb and buried alive alongside props from the show, including the iron lung in which the male lead spent most of the seaon. Said MBC's programming director Park Jeonghyun, "We hope that it will be a better show in the next life." Love Story in Darfur will be replaced with an infomercial for crab legs.

2 Responses to “Low-Rated Drama Ceremoniously Dropped From MBC”

  1. Travolta Says:

    Hahahah. About time you updated mate. Keep the good stuff coming.

  2. Dear Editor Billy B. Robertson Says:

    Don’t expect too many posts during my depressive episodes.

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