What do You Think?


Women Underrepresented in Politics

After the recent local elections in Korea, only 13% of the winning candidates were female. What do you think?
Ed Crudder
"Good. I think we should keep Korean women in the PGA tour where they belong."
Kim Jinhee
"I guess that resolution to turn Daniel Henny into federal property is going to have a tough time passing now."
Lee Jinoo
"I think women's limited brain capacity is what prevents them from winning the other 92% of seats."

4 Responses to “What do You Think?”

  1. A. joshi Says:

    We need Ajumas in the really important positions — keeping all the little shops and restaurants running. Besides, who will get up early and iron my white shirts if the women are all off campaigning?

  2. A. juma Says:

    I would love to run for office but I’m afraid the campaigning will ruin my skin. You don’t see Park Geun-hye wearing one of those large visors. One of those puppies would have saved her skin — literally.

  3. White Tommy Says:

    Ed Crudder looks eeirily similar to Ron “the hedgehog” Jeremy before his infamous ball shaving incident of ’89. Comments?

  4. oranckay Says:

    “…turn Daniel Henny into federal property…”

    Dang, I didn’t know Korea has a “federal” government. Perhaps you are an American?

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