Female Comedian Noted For Her Hilariously Firm Breasts



Comedian, actress, and singer Hyeon Yeong has been making waves recently in the Korean comedy scene for her hilariously firm breasts and uproariously tight buttocks. “She’s got everything you want in a comedic actor,” said entertainment analyst Park Jeongho, “A good rack, long legs, and a nice ass. Makes me smile just thinking about it.” After dreamily staring into the distance for a few moments, Park recalled some of her signature jokes. “There’s this one where she makes a goofy face and then bends over. Fucking witty, that one.”

In addition to acting in Korean soap operas and being a 5-time Sexy Dance Contest champion, Hyeon Yeong also recently had a hit with a Korean version of the ‘Numa Numa’ song on her 2006 album “Welcome to 2004”. Says Hyeon Yeong, “I’ve always wanted to be a comedian. When I was a teenager, I’d practice: doing situps to make my stomach flat and a lot of jogging to shape up my ass.” Analysts expect Hyeon Yeong to easily make the transition to a serious actress because of her remarkable ability to convincingly portray a woman with a nice set of ta-tas.


7 Responses to “Female Comedian Noted For Her Hilariously Firm Breasts”

  1. Iceberg Says:

    They put a smile on my face.

  2. Fact Says:

    She started off as a model.

  3. dong Says:

    hey that’s nothing — when guys see my bare breasts and butt they laugh their asses off.

    sometimes they’re laughing so hard they lose their erections.

  4. floppy1 Says:

    i would soooo do her

  5. jaron Says:

    oh man. i would love to do her in tha booty and play with her tits. mmmmmmmmmm

  6. Actually, Japan IS a little screwed up on the subject of sex « The Grand Narrative Says:

    […] feminists can rightly complain about things like TvNgels, the unwritten rule that female comedians have to dress as schoolgirls, and movies like 200 Pounds Beauty/미녀는 괴로워 below teaching women that plastic surgery […]

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