The Yangpa’s Educational Supplement



Hi gang! Today we're going to learn some English idioms. An idiom is an expression that does not mean what it literally says such as "kick the bucket" or "let the cat out of the bag" or "no, seriously, my house is actually on fire." So don't be idiots, gang, learn some idioms!

  • Needle in a haystack: A dangerous situation that appears to be safe, such as a huge syringe full of chimp horomones hidden in an otherwise hobo-friendly haystack
  • Go cold turkey: To have a haughty and emotionally distant demeanor. You know, like a turkey does.
  • Go Dutch: To place oneself in constant danger, like living below sea level and smoking tons of hash.
  • Tell a white lie: To say something that nobody actually believes, like "Some of my best friends are black."
  • Beating a dead horse: A task that is gruesome and exhausting, but at the end of the day leaves you with enough meat to get through the winter.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words: This idiom is pretty short, so it's worth about the same as a very very small picture.
  • That's the way the cookie crumbles: Something that puts you in a blind rage, like the waste of perfectly edible baked goods.

4 Responses to “The Yangpa’s Educational Supplement”

  1. Matthew Says:

    You don’t know how many times I’ve been tempted to just make stuff like this up. Or other things. Sometimes I give into the temptation. I once had an entire crop of college students who believed I was hiding out in Korea from the Law back home.

  2. Michael Says:

    Beautiful. Have been enjoying the yangpa for a few weeks now. Keep up the good work.

  3. Cub Reporter Alice Klassen Says:

    Mr. Robertson, I have been leaving messages on your machine and at the cardboard box at Seoul Station you insist on calling your “office”, but since you have failed to reply, I’m forced to air my concerns publicly here in the comments sections.

    It was originally my idea to hire Mr. Mathers as our Educational Advisor, and yet, I see no credit here acknowledging my input. Furthermore, it seems that your cheque to Mr. Mathers has bounced, and he has contacted me several times and is very upset. Mr. Mathers was apparently not aware that “the cheque is in the mail” is just an expression. We have a considerable budget for this column, and yet it appears you have pilfered the funds and spent them on blueberry wine and mozzarella sticks. Again.

    Please be advised that this reckless behaviour is harmful to our professional relationship, not to mention our beloved Yangpa, your beleaguered liver, or poor Chad.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Go dutch… Yeah but they make wonderful dykes

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