Eurocentrica’s Super Whitening Cream


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Don't just whiten your skin, whiten your life!

Our whitening cream provides maximum whitening for any type of asian skin. It contains special Whitecules that go deep into your body to provide a full whitening experience. After just a few applications, you'll make Drew Barrymore look like Fu Manchu!

Possible side effects include:

  • Sudden cravings for milk and cheese
  • Tendency to vote Republican
  • Desire to watch hockey
  • Inexplicable waves of guilt

34 Responses to “Eurocentrica’s Super Whitening Cream”

  1. gyopa Says:

    I’d order a bucket full of the product. I’d ditch my Asianness for some good Nordic blondness in a Seoul minute.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    P.S. I think you got “Fu Manchu” and “Drew Barrymore” backwards.

  3. Dear Editor Billy B. Robertson Says:

    The idea is that you’ll be so white-looking that Drew Barrymore will look Asian by comparison. But I didn’t write this, you’ll have to direct your comments to the anonymous ad wizards who came up with that one.

  4. HrwangWarrier Says:

    I like the first one. She is pure. But the otherone I will put under my matress and think about her when I am on top of my wife.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It’s hilarious. Anyone in denial that is on some level exactly what is going on in Korea is deluded. Granted, not every Korean wants to be “white” but they seek out “white” features over their own ethnic features all the time.

    It’s dead on and it’s so dead on that it hurts.

  6. Anon Says:

    I think you guys are all colorblind. The color of the Caucasians are not exactly white but rather similar to the color pigment of the pigs in my farm. Thus, another term for “white” when used to describe people , shoud be “pig-colored”

  7. La Migra Says:

    People, grow up.

  8. qbe9584 Says:

    “I like the first one. She is pure. But the otherone I will put under my matress and think about her when I am on top of my wife.”

    Maybe you need a prettier wife. The rest of us don’t need someone else’s picture.

    Or maybe pure isn’t what you want. Give the sample size to your wife and you can put that picture away when the spirit of romance overcomes you and you want to get on top of her.

    Warrior: Honey! Hold still! The time has come! I will now get on top of you! Mmmm! Blondie goodness!
    Wife: Wonder what’s on the TV tonight?

  9. captainhowdy Says:

    I agree with Anon that ‘pig colored’ is more appropriate for whites. And Asians are not really yellow, but more of a ‘monkeyish brown.’

    Come on all you pig-colored and monkeyish-brown people! Stop being so racist and learn to love each other!

  10. blair Says:

    I resent that. I am a 30W flourescent bulb. When the electricity goes out, people have me take off my shirt and read by the light.

  11. Ber Says:

    what makes the woman who doesn’t bleach her skin less pure then the other? Just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she’s unnatural or lacks ‘purity’!

  12. .... Says:

    Hey guy. Do you think asian women want to be white like you white people? Please, do care about yourself. ok?? I do not like you white people.

  13. Lee Hong Gee Says:

    This is sloppy marketing. I bought this product a couple weeks ago and had been using it daily. There’s no change in my complexion at all. I had better results with my Paris Hilton cream.

  14. captainhowdy Says:

    Hi ‘…’

    There’s a clinic in Kangnam that offers a combination double-eye lid surgery, hair dye, and skin bleaching package for only 2 million won. I thought maybe you, like the rest of the young Korean generation, might be interested.

  15. suba Says:

    my name is suba.i am from srilanka. when i was in srilanka my skin was fair and so smooth. there was not even one pimple. after i moved to canada it became very dark and ( specially under the eye ) and so dark. can you help me to find your product for this problem . thankyou

  16. Ice Says:

    What’s so pure about both of them? There both wearing make ups that makes them both fake. Even if your not trying to bleach your self to death, making sure that your face is covered with make ups and creams doesn’t make you any less than a bleached bitch.

  17. sparkle girl Says:

    I’m a white as you can get (pig colored with some freckles) and I always wanted to be olive skinned ….Got any reverse cream?? My eyes are big and round, that’s why I’m attracted to Junki with his amazingly slanted exotic eyes. Give me the oposite of me any day. I’m there. Still laughing from all you crazy people. Thank you very much. Kumsamida……..

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  23. A Genuine Question « The Grand Narrative Says:

    […] like 95% of her counterparts clearly want to. If that’s news to you, see the Yangpa here, who explains this issue sooo much better than I ever could. In the meantime, I like Korean women […]

  24. tina Says:

    i never understood why white people were called white. if we’re called yellow, than it’s only fair that you’re red. right??? c’mon let’s be a little more pc now. you talk a real big game about korea being a racist country and your right… they’re a bunch of xenophobic bastards, but america ain’t no pretty place to grow up in either. why can’t we just admit that we’re a bunch of hypocritical mothers~ and just get over the bullshit. let’s just hold hands and be racist together and let it be known that we don’t really like each other.

  25. tina Says:

    just because freud thought that women had penis envy does not mean that all women secretly want to be men.. we really don’t. just like how you ~ as a “white individual” think that most if not all asian women want to be white. please….and i beg this of you pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssse get over yourself. come back to america or canada where you’ll feel comfortable, and safe in your knowledge of white superiority. we miss you here. i’m sorry i was ranting, i actually don’t mean half the things i say…no wait i do, but i’m still sorry. i had to get that off my chest.

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  28. LCVS Says:

    haha, yeah, whitening cream is for ugly people with low self esteem, it doesn’t make you richer than you are!

  29. Christine Says:

    That so is not even the same person! RIDICULOUS!

  30. Freedom? Says:

    Well im white,and i guarantee everyone here that the same goes in every country and in Europe.Everyone in Europe wants to be a Ronaldinio,a Zlatan or who knows what,so????Do whatever makes you happy,except if this happy is a nuclear bomb(lol).

  31. Anonymous Says:

    is it effective and safe?

  32. Lagu Terbaru Says:

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  33. Yousra Says:

    Where can I buy it? Thank you

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