Korean-American Caught Between Two Worlds


Korean-American Jeff Choi finds himself caught between two very different worlds: the conservative, confucist world of South Korea, and the mysterious planet Veltron, located on the distant spiral arm of the M109 galaxy. “Ever since I first traveled to Veltron, I’ve be struggling between these two identities,” says Choi. “In Korea, there’s a big emphasis on family and education. On Veltron, there’s a big emphasis on mining the Felstar crystals that power our rocketships. It’s apples and oranges, really.”

4 Responses to “Korean-American Caught Between Two Worlds”

  1. White Tommy Says:

    Whatever you drank or smoked before writing this, I’ll have two, please.

  2. donwannabekyoponomo Says:

    spot on…

  3. noah body Says:

    So this Jeff Choi guy is a Scientologist?

  4. sungwon Says:

    Dude, I can totally relate!

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