Mongolian Women’s Shelter Opens


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Shelter to protect women from violence, rain


5 Responses to “Mongolian Women’s Shelter Opens”

  1. BigBuds Says:

    How can I subscribe to the Yangpa?

    This is some funny shit! I want more.

  2. Mong-LOL-ian Says:

    umm, how strict are you with the whole Women only thing? Because me & my son both need a place to stay, just until we can get back on our feet. He’s 37 but he’s a real nice boy, and he can kill pigeons and cook ’em so they taste real good. But I don’t see no pigeons in the picture, so I don’t know ’bout that. So do you provide like a sack lunch or anything like that? And can you post the address so we can figure out what bus to take to get there? Thanks.

  3. khyber Says:

    “Yurt” too funny.

  4. Johnson Huggles Says:

    Man you are a talented writer. Fucking hilarious. I should’ve become a HNIC instead of majoring in Mattress Kingitis. You’re too smart for hummanities own good. See you soon

    Johnson Huggles

  5. KOR Says:

    get the fuck off mother fucking douchebag

    you asshole

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