From the Subscribers-only Edition (again)


Yanga Editor Billy B. Robertson crawls out of the bottle long enough to make an update.

Korea’s First Gendered Pop Star Releases Album
Lee Chanwoo will be releasing a new album as Korea’s first male gender pop star. In a shocking divergence from the norms of Korean pop talent, Lee actually exhibits recognizable secondary sexual characteristics such as facial hair, broad shoulders, and a lack of a hot pink scarf.

World’s Largest Adjosshi Found in Gwangju
The largest adjosshi specimen ever recorded was found in the area outside Gwangju city. It stands a towering 5’9″ and weighs in at over 140 pounds.

Korean Exercise Machines Linked to Absolutely Fuck-All
According to a new study, the vibrating exercise machines which are so popular on Korean home shopping networks have been linked to marked rise in sweet fuck-all. Other effects of the machines include absolutely nothing, kidding of oneself, and diddley-fucking-squat.


10 Responses to “From the Subscribers-only Edition (again)”

  1. White Tommy Says:

    Glad you are back!

    but you have to mention that all the shaking boobies are nice to see 🙂

  2. Al Says:

    You remember seeing Minnie Mouse or Goofy working out on those things in the old 1940’s cartoons? Seriously hot.

  3. Mr. Bupkis Says:


  4. Jax Says:

    Does anyone know where I can see a picture of Lee Chanwoo? I want to verify the lack of hot pink scarf with my own eyes!

  5. captbbq Says:

    wow, this blog was fun while it lasted….

  6. White Tommy Says:

    No shit. Sure wish it would come back……

  7. trigger Says:

    won mur time-uh! pleeez!
    nice – uh!

  8. suji Says:

    i’m glad this site is not thiving. regardless of it being satire, there is a seeping racism behind where they get their material. they make light of serious situations and pull assumptions out of their asses. bunch of racists.

  9. suji Says:


  10. suji is a lil bitch Says:

    suji -stop whining like a lil bitch.

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