What are YOU doing on Valentine’s Day?


I’m going to show my husband how much I love him… with a huge sign that says, “I Don’t Love You.”

Room Salon Worker:

I’m going to have sex with somebody and not charge them money. The owner.

English Teacher:

Me and my girlfriend are going to take a cell phone picture where we wear matching T-shirts and stand beside each other with our hands over our heads so that it forms the shape of a heart. Then I’m going to perform self-immolation.

MTV Korea Programming Director:
I’m going to play more romantic ballads than usual. But first I need to invent a machine that adds more hours to the day.

University Student:
I’m going to wear my pinkest shirt. The one with the built-in bra.

High School Student:
I’m going buy a bunch of condoms because nothing gets the ladies wet like the horniest holiday on the calendar: Lunar New Year!


13 Responses to “What are YOU doing on Valentine’s Day?”

  1. profitdoc Says:

    Keep it up guys!

  2. White Tommy Says:

    Poor Ed Crudder….. Then I’m going to perform self-immolation. Great but wish there was more from ya!

  3. Mr K Hallmark Says:

    I wish it could be Valentine’s day every day!

  4. seifukusha Says:

    funny shit. thanks for the laugh…pinkest shirt…hehe

  5. Rolf- Valentine Says:

    What a great way to make a Valentines post! Good job, love especially your parody on the MTV Korea Programming Director 🙂

  6. Jon Hoff Says:

    Damn, that English Teacher used to be my DOS.

  7. Swiss James Says:

    I’ll give you 3RMB if you start updating this again.

  8. angry korean guy Says:

    why isnt there anything for march

  9. seouldout Says:

    Perhaps the monthly post is now bi-monthly?

    Perhaps Lee Jun-Ki stories can resurface to amuse us w/ comments by pre-teen Filipinas during the wait?

  10. Swiss James Says:

    It’s OK folks, I gave him a humour top-up, a new post will be along shortly

  11. overunder Says:

    swiss james has more funny bone is his ass.

  12. Peter Says:

    The English teacher is the late Brian Bent of San Diego, Ca., U.S.A. His Aussie partner-in-crime, Justin, told me in April, 2006 that Brian died in his sleep at the Happy Home Guest House near Taipei Station in Taiwan.

    Gee, hope it was just a belated April Fool’s joke!!

  13. Elggob Yranoitcip Says:

    Funny stuff. Just when I was starting to think I was alone in my loathing of that pretentious plagiarist Lee Hyori, I came across your sweet little snipe at her. Much appreciated.

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