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2 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. its_figaro Says:

    Whole of korean history 100% true:

    Creationists have hit their foot upon a rick of eternal magnitude: it appears that God created Dan-gun The Great just two thousand years after separating light from dark.

    Professor I. B. Anob, of the History and Kiss-and-make-up Department of South-internet University said Thursday:
    “This confirms what we suspected all along. Dan-gun is the uncle-on-the-mother’s side of Jesus. H. Christ”

    Various artifacts have appeared recently in light of this revelation. Upon the opening of Muju ski resort recently, one ajosshi stumped his ski upon a rock. “It looked just liked the Dear Leader”, he said “his nose was big and long, just like a carrot”.

    Police are said to investigating the situation. Reports that Dan-gun is actually the father of the steam engine remain contented by members of the Lancashire Train Spotters Club, North England.

  2. David Tizzard Says:

    It was reported in the Korean GogiJu yesterday that smoking thinner cigarettes such as Esse, previously only seen around the lips of a beret wearing, cravat having French thespian, actually makes your dick look bigger in bed.

    This has resulted in thousands of Korean men beating down the doors of the little boxes on the street that sell them and viag…vitamin drinks.

    Mr. Su Mal said “I’m much glad that I no longer have to compete with the tambae in the bedroom. It made me feel real bad. Now, when i go the room salon I can smoke like an old shitty Japanese car and no one notices I am hung as a toothpick.”

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