The Yangpa Staff

Editor-in-Chief and HNIC William Bobby Roberston
New Haven School of Journalism and Grooming

Cub Reporter Alice Klassen
Painstakingly Self-Taught

Proofreader Unidentified Hobo
Red Skelton School of Bindle-making


3 Responses to “The Yangpa Staff”

  1. (KJE.) Joshua Says:

    Dear Yangpa-Staff,

    keep on… coming…., going Dutch…, telling white lies…, beating dead horses…, this goes way beyond t-shirts….;

    Thanks for sharing your musings with us, all the best!


  2. FaecesDiner Says:

    me fuck bobby friends

  3. Ric Flair Says:

    Please don’t let this site die. You jerkoffs have made me laugh harder than a ten pound tank of medical grade nitrous ever did. So much talent….

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