Further Allegations of Plagiarism Made Against Lee Hyori



After representatives of Britney Spears made allegations of plagiarism against Lee Hyori, fresh doubts have been cast on much of singer’s previous work, including her college master’s degree thesis. Members of the soon-to-be-renamed Hwang Woo-Suk Center for Academic Ethics have begun a review of her work, and they have found some unsettling inconsistencies.

Professor Jaesoo Lee explains, “We did find it a bit odd that her thesis was printed on a dusty copy of Annalen Der Physik and dated 1916. Furthermore, why did she hand in a physics paper as a master’s thesis for a degree in Pottery? Most people hand in pots.” Suspicions have also been raised about Lee Hyori’s 2003 book, “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.” Lee responded to the allegations in her own words, “Oops, I didn’t do it again. I am that innocent.”


5 Responses to “Further Allegations of Plagiarism Made Against Lee Hyori”

  1. sean Says:

    funniest article on this site.

    but would she have written her name in red?

  2. Billy B. Robertson Says:

    While it is true that in Korean society the color red is usually reserved for writing the names of the dead, we can see that she DID write her name in red as clearly shown by our photographic evidence. Our research indicates she is some kind of undead vampire woman.

  3. Billy wanker Says:

    You got so issues Billy, go got some counselling.

  4. !!!!!!!!!! Says:

    wow what a article .Lee Hyori cheater?shit dats mad crazy if you ask me.Is that true?

  5. aki Says:

    lol dont worry uts not true

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