Holocaust Museum Opens in Korea


The entrance of the Incheon Holocaust Museum during its Grand Opening

Yesterday, hundreds of visitors came to see the grand opening of the new Incheon Holocaust Museum, the first of its kind in Asia (take that, Seoul!). They were greeted by an ominous recreation of the front gates of the notorious Auschwitz prison camp, plus a delightful balloon arch and two dancers who paid tribute to the 6 million victims of the holocaust by wearing miniskirts and performing 1980s-era aerobic routines whilst a nearby boombox blasted Jock Jams Vol. 7. Said one visitor, “The museum really affected me. The emaciated bodies, the lifeless faces, the eyes full of sorrow. God, those were the worst grand opening dancers ever!”

Yangpa Fun-fact: Dancers such as the ones pictured above are called ‘doumi’ in Korean. ‘Doumi’ literally means “one more missed credit card payment away from prostitution”.


29 Responses to “Holocaust Museum Opens in Korea”

  1. idealjetsam Says:

    Yes…the doumi. The girls who know that arbeit certainly never machts one frei. Fo’ sicher.

    (The tall one with less makeup is a hottie, though.)


  2. total-spender Says:

    Always worth the wait. More please !

  3. cally jane Says:

    More, more!

  4. Haisan Says:

    Dear Lordy, that was a funny post.

  5. The Marmot’s Hole » Work will make the doumi free Says:

    […] this was funny. [The Yangpa, HT to reader] This entry was written by Robert Koehler and posted on June 13, 2007 […]

  6. seoulmilk Says:

    you misquoted the visitor! who in korea says grand opening? he/she must of surely said “grand open.”

  7. William G Says:

    Ha! Brilliant!

  8. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Holocaust Museum Opens in Korea [image] The entrance of the Incheon Holocaust Museum during its Grand Opening Yesterday, hundreds of visitors came […] […]

  9. Eat My Kimchi Mother F***er Says:

    The Lighter Side of Genocide

  10. jinglejangle Says:

    Love it!

  11. “Korea, Sparkling” (or, the real reason to study Korea) « The Grand Narrative Says:

    […] bad video here) for instance, promoting everything from toothpaste to politicians, and de rigeur for the opening day of a new business. And then there are the increasing number shows which are nothing more than Korean women in […]

  12. FaecesDiner Says:

    Ich habe kein hamster aus mein arse

  13. noni Says:

    holy schnikeys! that is possibly the funniest thing i’ve read in weeks!! too bad nobody around me gets it.

  14. The Bobster Says:

    Dude, you do realize that many Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz, right? Not funny and in bad taste.

    My advice? Find a good woman and settle down. With some love in your life, you won’t feel the need to make fun of the deaths of millions, guaranteed.

  15. awwwwww Says:

    awww Bobster, one of the internet truths is that people typically fling around the insults they secretly don’t want to be flung at them. Especially when regarding women. Works like magic. You can learn a lot about a poster’s insecurities.
    My advice? Find a good woman and settle down. With some love in your life, you may have that iron pole removed from your ass.

  16. me, bitch Says:

    you’re a dumbass.

  17. me, bitch Says:

    yeah you, the poster

  18. Candide Pole Voltaire Says:

    Stop agreeing with yourself

  19. Al Says:

    What’s next, a musical comedy about producing a musical comedy about Hitler!?!? Oh, the humanity!

  20. TrackbackGenerator Says:



  21. Aaron Says:

    This one is bile-spitting funny.

  22. ingrid Says:


  23. me Says:

    This almost equals the good taste I saw years ago in Tokyo, Japan at a conference on Tibet. Special guest Richard Gere was honored by a group of eight ‘adult’ dancers who gradually removed their clothes with the appropriate flourish and ceremony.

  24. Al Says:

    Anyone want to study Mandarin Chinese?


  25. Marta Says:

    What the fuck were you thinking????? Do you know how many people died there??? inclouding my family you skurwysynu pierdolony. you are sick

  26. Jellie Says:

    Scary. This perfectly fits the Halloween season.

  27. Jessica Lee Says:

    Your post is full of junks. There is no such a museum located in In-Cheon, And the posted image is obviously a computer-generated crap by merging an image of dancers from a new opened store you took in from the street in Seoul. PiXX off.

  28. FBI to crack down on Los Angeles Koreatown “doumis” (도우미) | The Marmot's Hole Says:

    […] is now slang for a young girl who “helps” a business.  There are, for example, those “doumi” dancers that help bring attention to newly opened businesses, etc.  In this context these doumis […]

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