Editor-in-chief Billy B. Robertson is on his death bed. Should he somehow survive, all scheduled acts of repentance will be cancelled and regular publishing of the Yangpa will resume. Until then, readers are encouraged to derive their daily dose of satire by reading the Family Circus ironically.

7 Responses to “NOTICE”

  1. White Tommy Says:

    Hurry back. I actually have to work if I’m not reading your site.

  2. balloonball Says:

    Get well soon, Chief. I’ve recently (and laughingly) discovered this site and when you’re down, so am I. Eat your juk and drink your lemon crud tea and get back at ‘er!

  3. WTF am I doing here? Says:

    Enough with the illness. Back to work. This site is one of the (if not the) highlight of my Korean experience. Life is not as full without your unique take on the Korean life.

  4. Dear Editor Billy B. Robertson Says:

    this will become the motto of my webpage

  5. sewing Says:

    Is there any way to read “Family Circus” un-ironically and not lose one’s sanity?

  6. Brad Jensen Says:

    All my coworkers want to know why I am crying. Actually am laughing so hard tears are coming out of my ears.

    Please recover your health but not your sanity, and continue to post.

  7. Quidnunc Says:

    Don’t die, Billy. You’re the only thing funny about this country.

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