Latest in Korean Education: In-Vitro Violin Lessons


Researcher Kang Hyungjoon scolds Embryo 708-J for sloppy fingering

The world’s tiniest violin, a long-time staple of sarcastic sympathizers everywhere, has actually been created by scientists at Seoul National University and is being used to provide violin instruction to newly created fetuses. Says lead scientist Kang Hyungjoon, “We have a created a new process where we extract a fertilized embryo from a woman, put it in a test tube, and then use nanotechnology to teach it how to play first position and so on. It’s an exciting breakthrough. The world sorely needs another Asian kid who can play violin.” This new technique is part of a range of prenatal education techniques that Korean parents have begun employing to give their children a head start in an intensely competitive society. Other techniques include eating foods that are thought to help with brain development, reading books to the unborn baby, and hiring a white guy to come shout English lessons up the woman’s vagina.


17 Responses to “Latest in Korean Education: In-Vitro Violin Lessons”

  1. Billy B. Robertson HNIC Says:

    OK, that’s enough posts for the next 2 months.

  2. vagalinist Says:

    If I had a nickel for every “english lesson” that ended with my face in a vagina. . . well hell, where do you get a gig like that anyway, I need some nickels.

  3. seouldout Says:

    vagalinist, the name…the comment…you are my hero for 6 April 2007.

  4. Jenn Says:

    HA!!!! A big “HA” jumped up out of my mouth with that last line! Excellent!

  5. vagalinist Says:

    I’m humbled, I’ve never been a hero before. Let it be proclaimed; April 6 shall be known as “Vagalinist Day.” Let birth canals ring throughout the land with sweet, sweet music.

  6. Ted Koppel Says:

    Yes, my think is: Bravo your Vagalinist.

  7. seouldout Says:

    “Let it be proclaimed; April 6 shall be known as “Vagalinist Day.”” I’m proclaiming it up a vagina right now. What an echo!

    I read it again and a big “HA” jumped out of my mouth. And into the vagina.

  8. overunder Says:

    you suck cock. You are not funny and another thin-skinned canadian engrish teacher that is a burger fliper in newfoundland. …. haha.. funny huh.. but you will delete this comment.. cockfag.

  9. Jenn Says:

    “cockfag?” HA!

  10. Jenn Says:

    (“HA’s” be jumping out of my mouth all over the place!)

  11. flotsam Says:

    Overunder would be hero #2.

  12. jinglejangle Says:

    Yes, overunder, producing co2 so that plants can breathe.

    My hero.

  13. Ruffie Says:

    Newfies have flipped a lot of Korean burgers too, Overunder. Just ask all the Korean gals who’ve followed their cock fags back there.
    You’re just blowing yellow dust out your Mongolian bumspot.

  14. jinglejangle Says:

    This new technology is only going to work up until the first baby is born with a violin embedded in its skull of course.

  15. Kafka2k Says:

    overunder inadvertantly exemplifies the basis for The Yongpa’s wild success… hm, it seems that fate is not without irony

  16. Killr Says:


  17. Kafka2k Says:

    Killr is clearly the real “hoe”

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