Top-Ranking Parking Lot Adjosshis to Hold Summit Meeting


Kang Jaesu (in green) motions for a driver to turn the wheel counterclockwise

Some of South Korea’s highest-ranking parking lot adjosshis will hold a first-ever summit meeting in Seoul next Monday. Guests will include several 4-star Parking Lot Commanders responsible for an awesome arsenal of thousands of Hyundais,  hundreds of Kias, and two BMWs.

Issues to Be Discussed:

Entertainment – 7 inch TV or 10 inch TV?

Fitness – Why 5’5″ is plenty tall for any man

Ass Scratching – Sideways or Up and Down?

Cap Dusting – Can you dust too much?

Ear Picking – Where do you wipe it?

Communicating with Foreigners – How to give detailed parking instructions by swinging your arms wildly and barking

Parking the Fancy Car out Front – Who wins between an Equus and an Opirus?

Automated Ticket Dispensers – Smarter, faster and they never sleep. How do we compete?

The Future – Glowing orange sticks like they use at the airport to become mandatory

Guest Speaker – Bill Cosby


10 Responses to “Top-Ranking Parking Lot Adjosshis to Hold Summit Meeting”

  1. Billy B. Robertson HNIC Says:

    Yep, took a month and half to craft that gem.

  2. Bill Cosby Says:

    Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to make it. I’m neck-deep in a special project collaborating on a hilarious, ironic blog about mattresses in Texas. And then I’m going to visit a prostitute. Even though I secretly believe that all sex (not just prostitution) is dirty and shameful.

    PS Good to have you back at work, Billy.

  3. Qinella Says:

    oh my god man I busted a lung reading that headline..

  4. Idealjetsam Says:

    You will, of course, post the results of the conference as they come in. Sideways, or up and down–we need to know.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The headline and picture killed me.

    But why Bill Cosby?

  6. seouldout Says:

    I love Nork hats. Halos. Pity they have almost no cars to guide.

  7. ingrid Says:

    oh my God! my tummy aches from all the laughing! wow! who wrote this! very articulate!

  8. ingrid Says:

    oh by the way! i’ll be waiting for the results okey?

  9. glenndale Says:

    brilliant! my stomach hurts from laughing so much. great site.

  10. Kyungsoo Yu Says:

    Hi Yangpa,

    Nam June Paik Art Center is organizing a Blogger’s Meeting on May 9th and we would like to invite you. Please forward me your email address so that I can send you the invitation.

    I hope you will be able to join us on Saturday.

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