Did You Know?


DID YOU KNOW — Seoul’s mobile plastic surgery advertisements have seats inside them, and you can use them to ride from place to place?

Mobile plastic surgery advertisements are a constant presence on the roads of Seoul. They’re a great way to stay informed about the latest eyelid trends, compare surgery techniques, and keep a lid on square-jawed girls’ self-esteem. But did you know they also perform a socially beneficial function that even the already-beautiful can use? That’s right! You can use them as a form of public transportation.

Here’s How It Works:

  • In Korean, a mobile plastic surgery ad is called a BUS.
  • You can ride a BUS by finding a BUS STOP by one of Seoul’s many brothel advertisement card receptacles (ROADS).
  • Seoul’s BUSES are driven by physically perfect, kind-hearted DRIVERS who have already benefited from Korea’s best plastic surgery techniques and want to help others.

Try riding a BUS today.


13 Responses to “Did You Know?”

  1. 小Editor Says:

    Unlike many other expats, Korean culture is only a mild itching powder on Billy Robertson. I’m glad the particles have enough accumulated to force him into writing more of these.

  2. waeg Says:

    Welcome back?

  3. Hung Wae Lo Says:

    Can it be? Is Billy B back?
    Please let this be the first post in the long awaited return of the best Korea writer on the net. Fereals.
    “Please, sir, I want some more.”

  4. Gabe_b Says:

    Sweet, welcome back!

  5. MSG Says:

    Let me tell you another thing about these buses, and websites that write about them. They took me for a ride. All the way to Thwarted Expectations – ville.

    i.e. please write more posts

  6. Rob Says:

    what a taste! more to come?

  7. GeronL Says:

    I’m beginning to think this blog isn’t a serious examination of North-South relations. Although I think it might help me figure out where to get a Korean girlfriend. :p

  8. Mang Anese Says:

    So happy to see you’re back in business. We missed you.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    God how I missed you……did that just make me sound gay?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You complete me.

  11. Jeliie Says:

    This is what you called hitting two birds with one stone. Two in one.

  12. Dereon Says:

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  13. phylissmalone81117 Says:

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