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The end of this version of the Yangpa

January 3, 2008

I originally stole the idea for this blog from another guy’s blog of the same name. And I felt that it was OK to do so because there hadn’t been any new posts coming out of that blog for a while. I also felt that the writer of the Yangpa needn’t be just one man, but should rather be series of heroic figures who would take up the mantle in the hour of the world’s need like the Green Latern or the Pope. Recently it’s become apparent that I’ve run out of steam here, but as luck would have it, the original Yangpa guy is back at So check it out. As for this version, I guess I’ll leave it up and check it from time to time. I’d like to thank all the people who have left comments on here offering me encouragement, advice, and mega-bargains on Cialis and Rogaine. Have a good 2008!